Model 5i POS Terminal

Professional Model 5i Terminal

- Performance: Intel Processor & DDR3 RAM

- Maintenance: Zero Bezel Frame

- Durability: Aluminum Housing

- Longevity: Heat Sink Technology

- Stability: SSD Hard Drive

Best Restaurant & Retail POS Hardware - Model 5i by Sintel Systems

Unlimited Technical Support

Sintel Systems technical support is like no other.Covering hardware,software and all services,business owners can rest assured that their business will run without interruption

- Initial POS setup and configuration

- Menu and inventory entry

- All software updates and upgrades

- Periodic back ups of data

- Troubleshooting

Complete Package Options

  • Sintel Systems has for decades recognized that each business has different needs and no two businesses are the same. So Sintel’s global team works with each client to put other the right POS system with the right pricing plan to ensure your business succeeds. We only succeed if our clients succeed.
  • We understand that a new POS system is an important decision and sizable investment. Sintel Systems offers options for every budget and every need. Choose from $0 upfront cost options to purchasing your systems right out. No matter which option you choose, Sintel Systems is with you every step of the way with our all inclusive support plan that is included with any plan. With simple and flat rate low monthly payments, you can get a systems that is right for your needs.

Our Package

Contact us for a personalized quote. All packages include all-in-one tablet (w/built in printer, card reader, etc) pre-installed software, cash drawer and shipping.


Gift & Loyalty Card Network with Mobile App

Watch customer loyalty skyrocket & collect customer information for marketing

Private Cloud Service

Web and mobile based back office for a streamlined operation

Embedded Merchant Account Services

Added security and technical support services. Who better to process with than your POS provider?
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