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There are many label printing (price computing) scales in the market including the CAS CL 5000 there when shopping for the one to best fit the needs of any business. Things however get less complicated and much simpler for anyone who comes to Sintel System’s website in search of the scale that’s right for your business. Sintel System offers a selection of label printing scales to choose from the directly integrate with Sintel’s Market POS systems. The Magellan 8400 Scanner/Scale is one of the most reliable options offered. The Magellan 8400 is a great addition to the Sintel System complete Grocery & Produce POS System and Software. This scale and scanner is very similar to the ones seen at most supermarkets when checking out. It can be modified to be either be just a scanner or be a combination of a scanner and scale. The Magellan 8400 comes with two display options: single display on a pole or dual display on a single pole.
Our most popular label printing scale is the Sintel System CAS LP 1000N that has a wide array of helpful features that comes with the most popular label formats. This scale is easy to use and is a perfect fit for deli’s, convenience stores, grocery stores, and many other businesses. The CAS LP 1000N’s ability to use the most popular label formats makes it an easy choice. This scale however does not come with the pole display option seeing as how the pole cannot be attached to it.
Another one of our newest and popular label printing scales is the CAS CL 5000 offering networking functions, both wired & wireless. This scale in particular comes in 3 different model options: Standard (B), Pole (R), Hanging (H). The CAS CL 5000 offers the functions many businesses need, especially businesses such as supermarkets, deli’s, and specialty stores. Presently this scale comes with 50 of the most common label formats and 20 more custom label formats can be inputted into its memory software. The scale is fast when it comes to printing out the labels all while making sure the labels come out looking crisp and clear. This scale was designed for simplicity and this is shown in all its features, even in how easy and fast it is to reload labels with a new label cartridge. Any businesses interested in purchasing or learning more about any of these 3 complete scale solutions, visit Sintel System’s website or contact us today. Sintel Systems is the leading global, direct and single-source POS provider to the bakery, frozen yogurt, coffee shop industries and more. We provide hardware, software, all-inclusive technical support, cloud services, gift and loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.